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      Hydrogen is the most common element in nature, and its combustion product is water, without pollutants such as carbon compounds, making it the cleanest energy source in the world. As a secondary energy, it can be transformed from many renewable primary energy, and is rich in resources and recyclable. With the development of technology, hydrogen energy has gradually become a focus of global attention and is bound to become a new darling of clean energy.


      Hydrogen has excellent combustibility and is an efficient clean energy source, but this characteristic has also become a double-edged sword. This makes hydrogen highly susceptible to combustion and explosion when in contact with air. Based on safety considerations, hydrogen has strict requirements for equipment sealing during production, storage, and transportation.


      As the element with the smallest formula quantity, the sealing difficulty of hydrogen is evident. SealTex gaskets have successively passed hydrogen leakage testing, providing various solutions for sealing problems in hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, and other processes:

      SealTex Plus fiber rubber material series
      ST-2058, ST-2062, ST-2063
      SealTex Graf high-Temp. graphite series
      ST-9916, ST-9926
      SealTex Flon PTFE series ST-3055, ST-3056, ST-3057
      SealTex Mica series ST-5326, ST-4376

      SealTex Plus無石棉纖維橡膠板系列 ST-2058, ST-2062, ST-2063
      SealTex Graf高溫石墨系 ST-9916, ST-9926
      SealTex Flon聚四氟乙烯系列 ST-3055, ST-3056, ST-3057
      SealTex Mica 云母系列 ST-5326, ST-4376